Being Proactive

I am in charge of me!  I do the right thing, even when no one is looking.  I do not react negatively to situations, but am a problem solver!

Our habit that we have been focusing on this past month is Habit #1:  Be Proactive.  We have watched videos and had discussions about what it means to be proactive.  Ask your child to explain it and tell their definition.

Also, the students interviewed each other and asked questions about being proactive.  They will be writing up the interview for you to see when you come in for conferences.  They have done an excellent job!

Grade Recovery

I am posting the policy here for you to review if you need to.  If you a have any questions, please email me.

Opportunity for Success – GRADE RECOVERY POLICY

Each time your child completes a test or quiz, your child will have the opportunity to improve their grade by completing corrections on parts of the assessment that were missed.  By completing these corrections accurately, your child will earn half credit back on the assessment.


Grade Recovery/Retesting Policy for Hayes Elementary 4th/5th grade:

We believe that students should have more than one opportunity to demonstrate proficiency. Primary grade level standards and report cards lend themselves to providing multiple opportunities throughout the quarter. Intermediate practice is to allow students an opportunity to correct test and quiz items for partial credit. Students will have 5 school days after receiving an assessment to correct their errors along with a justification for their revised answers. Upon completion, students can receive half of the credit assigned to the problem.


Examples of earning back HALF of unearned credit
If your child initially received: Then they will receive HALF of this unearned credit: Then he/she will now receive a:
70% 30% x 1/2 70% + 15 = 85%
50% 50%  x 1/2 50% + 25 = 75%
38% 62%  x 1/2 38% + 31 = 69%



***IMPORTANT: In order to receive the half credit back,

EVERY incorrect response MUST be redone correctly with all work shown.


Your child should write these corrections/explanations on a separate piece of paper and attach to this test. Please Do NOT make corrections on the original quiz/test.


All students who are completing their grade recovery must complete the corrections AND have the parent signature.


These corrections are due back to your teacher exactly one week after the assessment was returned to your child.

Teachers will input grades and then send the assessment home

to be corrected and returned.
*There are no corrections allowed for spelling/vocabulary tests.*



Hello!  We have been working on getting to know our character Jack in the book, Love That Dog by Sharon Creech.  In the book, Jack thinks poetry is only for girls and he does not particularly care for poetry.  We are learning the elements of poetry along with our charcter Jack.  As we have been reading, we are discovering that Jack’s opinion and knowledge of poetry is changing.

We are going to try our hands at writing our own poems and will have posts about them using the Class Dojo App.  More about this to follow soon.  Stay tuned!


Our trip to Rock Eagle will be Monday/Tuesday, May 6-7.  TIt is an awesome experience for the kids!  They will learn about ornathology (bird studies), how a lake ecosystem works, and Herpatology (reptile/amphibian studies).  See the pics from last year!

The cost of the trip is $125 per person.  A $50 deposit is due NO LATER than October 12th to reserve your spot.  There is a limited number of spots so please get your deposit in early.  This deposit goes towards your $125 dollar total cost.  The balance must be paid in full by February 15th, 2019.    WE LOVE CHAPERONES!  Please join us on this fantastic trip!  It is $125 for chaperones also.


Great start!

We have had a great start to the year!  The beginning of the school year is very busy!  We have so many things to go over and so many pre-assessments to give in reading, writing, and spelling.  It can be overwhelming, especially when doing it for 55 students total for two classes.  These assessments do give a good picture of your child’s learning style and areas for growth.

We are on a roll now with everything and are starting guided reading, book clubs, spelling groups, and creating a realistic fiction story!  It’s going by fast and we are hard at work.  Look for good things to happen in the next few weeks!

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